Beautiful Products

At the heart of what we do is the drive to make beautiful productsAt the heart of what we do is the drive to make beautiful products that improve our lives and the lives of the traditional artisans who use their skill to make them.

Why Fair Trade?

As a business it means being committed to fair relationships between buyer, producer and you the consumer. Not many people realise for example that the invoices are paid to the producers partly up front and always on time.

Good ethics feel good! World Fairtrade Organisation

Our Producers

Our luxury Fair Trade leather jewellery travel case is hand made in West Bengal by local artisans. Much of India’s time-honoured handicraft skills are dying out and buying a Julli Case is helping to preserve a part of that rich tradition of craftsmanship.

MKS positively nurture the development of their artisans by helping them to further develop their skills, finding them new markets, encouraging them to form associations or co-ops and of course paying them a fair wage.

MKS are members of the World Fair Trade Organisation who are committed to Fair Trade principles including using no child labour. See